Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Congratulates Kari Lake on Her GOP Gubernatorial Primary Victory

After campaigning on behalf of her opponent, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) said Saturday that he and the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA), which he co-chairs, are backing Kari Lake. 

“The votes are counted, the races are settled, and the Arizona Republican primary is over.  Thank you to all who participated — it’s not easy subjecting yourself to the scrutiny of being a candidate these days,” Ducey said. “This is going to be an important election given the issues our state is facing and it’s important for Arizona Republicans to unite behind our slate of candidates.”

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Kari Lake’s Margin of Victory Increases as More Votes Counted

After political watchers and analysts agree that Kari Lake won the Republican nomination for Arizona governor Thursday night, the political newcomer’s margin of victory continues to grow while more votes are counted.

According to reports from Friday, 98 percent of the primary votes have been counted, and Lake now leads by a margin of 47.7 percent to opponent Karrin Taylor Robson’s 43.4 percent.

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Lake Campaign Calls for Republican Unity After Winning Primary

Kari Lake’s campaign says it’s a new day in Arizona politics after the candidate was declared the victor in her primary race for the governor’s office. 

“It’s morning again in Arizona,” Lake Chief Strategist Billy Grant told The Arizona Sun Times Thursday. “Kari is totally focused on uniting this party and defeating Katie Hobbs.”

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Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs Slammed for Poor Job as Secretary of State, Tuesday’s Primary Vote Count in Arizona Described as ‘Glacial’

As vote counting continues in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial election, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the Democrat nominee, is being slammed for the slow vote count. 

“Arizona’s glacial vote-counting isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for how Katie Hobbs would perform as governor,” said John Gabriel, editor-in-chief of Ricochet. 

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Poll Finds Election Day Voters Expect to Vote in Kari Lake’s Favor

While early voting remained a dead heat between gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and opponent Karrin Taylor Robson, a poll shows that election day voters are expected to vote for Lake in droves. 

“Voting is already underway and Lake is dominating among voters who have yet to vote but plan to vote before Election Day (41.7% to 25.8%) and those who plan to vote on Election Day (46.7% to 20.5%),” said Creative Destruction Media. “Robson holds a statistically insignificant lead among those who have already cast a ballot, 42.5% to 41.9%.”

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Lake Campaign Disputes Validity of Emerson Poll

On primary election day in Arizona, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign is disputing a recent Emerson poll that shows her in a statistical tie with her main opponent, Karrin Taylor Robson. 

The poll,  which was conducted between July 28 and July 30 among 600 “very likely Republican primary voters and individuals who already voted,” shows Robson with a slight 47 percent to 46 percent edge over.

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