New Arizona Law Gives More Power to Property Owners

While Governor Katie Hobbs has been busy vetoing bills this legislative session, some Republican-backed measures have been able to become law. Most recently, the House Majority Caucus announced Tuesday that one of those bills was HB 2607, sponsored by Representative Barbara Parker (R-Mesa), which aims to give more power to property owners.

Under the law, members of a condominium owner’s or planned community association can call for removing a board member if they feel that member is not serving them well. Community members must submit a petition that contains a certain percentage of members. An association of 1,000 requires 25 percent of members to approve, while larger associations only require ten percent.

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Arizona Gets New Laws Protecting Medical Access and Affordable Housing

More Republican Legislators have announced that their bills have been signed into law, including State Representative Selina Bliss (R-Prescott), who created a bill to extend at-home medical treatment for Arizonans.

“Save time, save money, stay home – for some medical conditions we see better outcomes if patients are able to receive acute care services at home, as opposed to having to remain in a hospital,” shared Bliss.

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Katie Hobbs Breaks Arizona Veto Record for a Single Session

The Arizona Senate Majority Caucus released a statement Tuesday, announcing that Governor Katie Hobbs had vetoed another 11 bills, bringing her total to 63 and surpassing the previous record for most legislation vetoed in a single session.

“Vetoing is a tool that weak leaders will use in an effort to control legislative priorities, and we’re witnessing this tactic front and center from Katie Hobbs,” said Senate President Pro Tempore T.J. Shope (R-Coolidge). “Instead of demonstrating diplomacy and bipartisanship, the Governor is showcasing her failure to work across the aisle. Instead of accomplishing the priorities of our citizens and strengthening our communities, she’s done little outside of hosting press gaggles and photo ops with activist groups and Democrats alike.”

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GOP State Legislators Laud Bills Getting Signed into Law

While Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) has been on a veto streak with major bills from Republican Legislators, not every bill gets the axe. As such, legislators with bills now on the books have released statements of celebration, including Senator Frank Carroll (R-Sun City West) on Monday for his bill helping the trucking industry.

“A victory last week for Arizona commerce, after the Governor signed by bill, SB1097,” Carroll said in an update to constituents. “We’ve had issues in our state, specifically in the West Valley, where municipalities are adopting regulations on trucking in their communities in an effort to prevent the traffic associated with commerce. This is a major problem for not only our economy, but for economies of other states.”

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