Gov. Hobbs Signs Bill Restoring Water to Arizona’s Rio Verde Foothills After Months Without Source

After months without access to water, Arizonans in the unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills – just east of Scottsdale – have a temporary solution after Gov. Katie Hobbs signed a bipartisan bill Monday to restore water to the area. 

Senate Bill 1432 will require Scottsdale to allocate water resources for three years via a newly established standpipe district. 

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Arizona Gov. Hobbs Vetoes Rio Verde Foothills Water Legislation

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has used her well-inked veto stamp on legislation that would have required Scottsdale to provide water for a nearby town that’s been dry since 2022. 

Hobbs vetoed House Bill 2441 on Monday. Had she signed it, the new law would have required Scottsdale to sell residents of the nearby town of Rio Verde Foothills water at a set rate. Hobbs said the Legislature sent her the wrong bill. 

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Arizona Corporation Commissioner Seeks Information from Scottsdale on Rio Verde Foothills Water Solution

Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Commissioner Nick Myers (R) sent a letter to the city of Scottsdale and utility company EPCOR, inquiring what the two entities are doing to agree on how to provide water to the unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills (RVF) area.

“The Commission has a constitutional duty to establish ‘just and reasonable rates’ for the customers of the public service corporations it regulates. Therefore, the Commission must always evaluate the cost effectiveness of proposals under its consideration,” said Myers, “that is why as I continue to evaluate EPCOR’s application to provide standpipe water service, I want to make sure more cost-effective options have been properly explored.”

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State Representative Kolodin Speaks on Progress to Find Immediate Solution to Rio Verde Foothills Water Crisis

Arizona State Representative Alexander Kolodin (R-Scottsdale) told The Arizona Sun Times that the State Legislature is trying to find an immediate solution to the water supply issues in the unincorporated Rio Verde Foothills (RVF) area. He called for all members of the State Legislature to come together, put politics aside, and pass a solution for the people who desperately need one.

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The Water Stays Off as Arizona Court Sides with the City of Scottsdale in Rio Verde Foothills Water Lawsuit

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Joan Sinclair issued a ruling Friday in favor of the City of Scottsdale, blocking a stay request against the city cutting off water to the Rio Verde Foothills (RVF) area. “The city remains confident in its legal position and continues to encourage Maricopa County – the elected local government for the residents of Rio Verde Foothills – to implement a solution on behalf of their constituents,” according to the city.

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Lawsuit Filed Against City of Scottsdale for Rio Verde Foothills Water Scandal

A group of Arizona citizens residing in the Rio Verde Foothills (RVF) area outside of Scottsdale sued the City Thursday for cutting off its water supply, which they claim is vital for their community.

“There are approximately 500 households in Rio Verde Foothills which rely upon hauled water obtained from the Scottsdale Standpipe to serve their daily needs for domestic water,” according to the complaint. “Plaintiffs rely solely upon a source of water owned and provided by the City of Scottdale. The City has provided water service to the RVF community for over 30 years.”

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