Extended Good Samaritan Law Immunizes Arizonans Seeking Overdose Care

A bill extending the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose law from State Representative Quang Nguyen (R-Prescott) was signed into law by Governor Katie Hobbs (D) on Thursday, prompting a statement of celebration from the lawmaker.

“This is an example of good policy getting passed even with divided government,” said Nguyen. “Prosecuting people who seek or provide lifesaving assistance in drug overdose cases can have a chilling effect and delay or even prevent timely help during a medical emergency.”

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Arizona Attorney General Describes Cost of Biden Border Crisis

Mark Brnovich

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich joined “Fox News Live” Sunday to discuss the impact of the border crisis, which has drastically worsened since President Joe Biden took office. 

“We start talking about these numbers and we forget that there is human cost,” Brnovich said. “We know now that in places like Pima County, the second-largest county in Arizona that fentanyl and opioid deaths are the number one cause of people under 19 dying. More so than car accidents, and other causes.”

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Texas Congressman Calls for Impeachment of Biden over Immigration Policy

Texas Republican Congressman Chip Roy is calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden and the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, citing their “reckless immigration policy” that many lawmakers argue is endangering the lives of Texans and Americans.

“Total encounters: 205,029. Total known getaways: 37,400. 1.3 million for 2021 so far. Largest monthly encounter number since 2000,” Roy tweeted.

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