Kari Lake Speaks to Packed Georgia GOP Convention, Defends Trump

Kari Lake gave the keynote speech at the Georgia Republican Party’s annual convention last week after Mike Pence controversially withdrew. Multiple people complained after Pence was announced and after Lake was announced as the replacement, 900 purchased tickets, more than twice as many who bought them last year.

Lake’s speech focused on election fraud and the indictment of Donald Trump.

“The two states that have been fighting the hardest to get our sacred vote are Arizona and the peach state of Georgia,” she opened. She thanked Pence for not showing up, “He’s the reason I’m here tonight.”

When asked if she could fill his shoes, she responded, “I’m more than willing and able to fill Mike Pence’s shoes.”

Lake came out with strong support for Trump, who has been an ally of hers since she began her race for governor.

“They are in a panic though because he’s doing so well in the polls that they decided they can stop it,” she said. “So what did they do? They indict him.”

She said there was another reason as well.

“What they’re really trying to do is cover up the criminal acts of the Democrats in Joe Biden …. Joe Biden took another $5 million ride from the communist regime in China. … Biden has sold out America. They sold us out. The Chinese have control of the White House.”

Lake announced a new project of Trump’s, Agenda 47, which encompasses various issues he intends to tackle as president, including reversing Biden’s policies and fighting back against wokeism “We’re at war, people,” she declared. “There’s not bullets flying, but we’re at war.”

She urged the crowd, “If you do not love President Trump for what he sacrificed and gave up for this country, I hate to tell you this is because you’ve been a victim of brainwashing.”

As has become custom for the former broadcaster, she went after the news media.

“I will tell you guys in the media,” she said, looking toward the back of the room where the TV crews were stationed.

“You want to find some actual crime, some real crimes that are going on, that real crimes that have been committed?” she asked. “Why don’t you check out Hillary Clinton’s server, Hunter Biden’s laptop? There’s more evidence of crimes on Monica Lewinsky’s dress.”

The crowd roared with applause at her next two lines. “The only crime that Donald Trump committed was humiliating Hillary Clinton in 2016,” she joked. “And that’s not even a real crime, because if humiliating Hillary Clinton was actually a crime then Bill Clinton would have been locked up ages ago, right.”

Also, she warned, “If you want to get to President Trump, you’re going to have to go through me, and 75 million Americans just like me. And most of us are card-carrying members of the NRA. That’s not a threat, that’s a public service announcement.”

She blasted the mainstream news media again, “It’s always opposite day, right, with the fake news. The government lies, and then they spread those lies, and whatever they tell you, I think you’re safe to assume the opposite.”

Lake explained why she left her career in broadcast TV despite the high salary. Much of it was due to disagreeing with what the station wanted her to say about COVID-19.

“The young people are with us,” she said. “Don’t believe the media. they are the ones that have their greatest moments of their life taken from them,” referring to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Lake said that while studies have found that 87 percent of news coverage of Republican candidates is negative and noted one study that she said found that 100 percent of her coverage was negative.

Lake’s speech was peppered with her catchy sense of humor. In response to being called an extremist, she said, “I’m extremely worried about our future. They call me ‘far right’ now, and so far I have been right about pretty much everything.”

Regarding election fraud, she warned, “We’re gonna have another one stolen from us in 2024. If it’s stolen, we lose our country.” She talked about recently discovered information about the voting tabulators in Maricopa County being used even though they had failed testing.

“They rigged the machines to break down on Election Day,” she added. “Sixty percent of the machines broke down on Election Day, and they placed those machines that they knew were going to break down because they pre-tested them and did a dry run in October, and they put them all in Republican areas, so that they would break down, starting at 6 a.m. on Election Day. These people are bastards and they need to be stopped. … Let’s face it, our elections are corrupt. And so our courts.”

Lake brought up the 2020 election. “The one that is the absolute worst is when they said the 2020 election was the most secure election ever,” she said. “That was the most rigged as I’ve ever seen in my life. They want us to believe that Joe Biden is the most popular in the history of America. … How do you move on when our elections are rigged?”

She said, “Our election was run like a third world country runs elections.” Lake went on, “Some people, and I hate to say it, some Democrats and Republicans say well, we didn’t put out quality candidates. Did you see what the Democrats rolled out?” She named Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, and Biden, prompting loud boos from attendees.

Lake said she is currently still appealing her gubernatorial loss with confidence. “We have the greatest case because we have the truth on our side,” she said.

She spoke fondly of her hosts, who have undergone a rift with some of the more moderate Republican leadership in the state. “The Georgia Republican Party is doing a lot; one of the best in the whole country. We all know that the path to the White House goes directly through Arizona and Georgia.”

Lake brought up her newly released song with the Truth Bombers called “My 81 Million Votes, My A**,” referring to 81 million people reportedly voting for Biden in the 2020 election. The single is topping the music charts.

“Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. … The DOJ is illegitimate,” she said.

Finally, Lake told the attendees about her new book, Unafraid: Just Getting Started, which will be released on June 27. The Arizona Sun Times was provided with a review copy in advance. In the book, which contains a forward by Trump, Lake went over the bias she discovered while working in media, her race for governor, election fraud, and other issues like border security that she has championed.

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Rachel Alexander is a reporter at The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News NetworkFollow Rachel on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Kari Lake” by Kari Lake



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