U.S. Border Patrol Captures 10,000 Migrants Crossing into Arizona in One Week

U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agents at the Tucson Sector in Arizona apprehended 10,000 individuals attempting to illegally enter the United States in just one week, according to Chief Patrol Agent John Modlin.

In an update issued Monday, Modlin said there were 10,000 apprehensions of illegal border crossers, 430 rescues, 21 human smuggling events, and 11 narcotics seizures recorded at the Tucson sector between July 20 and July 28. In a tweet, Modlin added that USBP agents also seized 6 pounds of fentanyl, six pounds of methamphetamine, and three firearms.

Modlin highlighted the risks extreme heat pose to those trying to illegally cross into the country, telling Fox News Digital that with temperatures “well above 100 degrees, it only takes minutes for heat exhaustion and dehydration to set in.” He warned that those attempting to cross illegally “underestimate the intensity of the heat and the vastness of the desert.”

The USBP Chief Patrol Agent detailed one apprehension in a later post, writing that an “All-Terrain Unit apprehended a group of migrants” in the Crater Range Mountains on July 24. He added that one individual, a 26-year-old Mexican citizen, was airlifted to an area hospital for “a heat-related injury.”

In a third post, Modlin showed two images of a USBP Mobile Response K9 Team after apprehending “seven migrants attempting to evade detection” while illegally entering the country, also on July 24.

Another six migrants were apprehended by the Three Points Station Motorcycle Unit. Modlin wrote that the unit “tracked and apprehended a group of six migrants,” also on July 24.

In yet another post, Modlin wrote that Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents “provided medical treatment to five migrants in distress” who apparently called for emergency services on July 21.

He noted, “BORSTAR agents often have to initiate immediate medical treatment in austere environments,” and included an image showing agents create a makeshift source of shade for the illegal immigrants.

The surge in crossings came after Governor Katie Hobbs revealed a plan to offer emergency shelter and transportation to illegal immigrants after Title 42 ended in May. That plan involves using the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (DEMA) to “provide and coordinate the best and safest mode of transportation for migrants,” and noted that $7 million from the state’s Border Security Fund could be used for transportation, shelter, or to address human trafficking and slavery at the border.

While Hobbs’ remarks were welcomed by some local leaders, Arizona communities have taken their own actions to address the influx of illegal immigrants alongside the homeless crisis.

In June, the Scottsdale City Council voted to accepted a $940,000 grant from the Arizona Department of Housing that will be used to house homeless people and illegal immigrants in one of the city’s hotels.

State Representative Scott Gress (R-Scottsdale) warned The Arizona Sun Times that, despite the city’s insistence that no illegal immigrants have used the hotel previously, the city’s new contract “explicitly stated that they need to set aside rooms for people in ‘The Zone’ and for foreign nationals that would have been otherwise deported under Title 42.”

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Tom Pappert is a reporter for The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Tom on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Illegal Immigrants” by John Modlin.



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