Canadian Mass Stabbing Suspect Damien Sanderson Found Dead, Police Say He Was Likely Not Involved in Spree

Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police have changed their view of the mass stabbing spree in and near Saskatchewan’s James Smith Cree Nation that has now killed 11 and left 19 injured, including the suspects.

Saskatchewan RCMP found the body of suspect Damien Sanderson, 31, outside a house in the area with “visible injuries … not believed to be self-inflicted” and no longer believe he was involved in the homicides, Assistant Commissioner Rhonda Blackmore said.

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Ten Dead, 15 Wounded in Canadian Mass Stabbing Spree, Suspects at Large

Canadian authorities on Sunday said 10 people have died and at least 15 more have been hospitalized following an apparent stabbing spree in Saskatchewan.

“There could be more injured,” said Saskatchewan Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer Rhonda Blackmore.

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