Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction: Equitable Grading Does Not Belong Here

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne (R) released a statement Tuesday, blasting the practice of “equitable grading” that he claims is helping to create a lazy student body.

“In education today, we have a war between excellence and mediocrity. So-called ‘equitable,’ ‘compassionate,’ or ‘standards-based’ grading promotes mediocrity. Test scores show that the students are not learning enough to properly compete in an internationally competitive economy,” Horne said. “If we are to increase learning and show it in increased test scores, students must do homework and be graded objectively. The parents of the state are demanding this result.”

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Arizona School Districts Accused of Using Tax Dollars to Oppose School Choice

Arizona school districts will violate state law next week by sending representatives to a meeting where they will encourage attendees to overturn the state’s new universal school choice law, the Goldwater Institute alleges.

The free-market legal nonprofit sent a letter to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office asking it to investigate and stop this behavior.

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