Wyoming Passes Bill to Ban Men from Women’s Sports, Becoming 19th State Overall to Do So

by Eric Lendrum


A new bill has passed in the Wyoming state legislature forbidding biological men from competing in women’s sports, thus making Wyoming the 19th state in the country to pass such legislation.

Breitbart reports that the bill will become law without the signature of Governor Mark Gordon (R-Wyo.), who refused to veto it but also would not sign it. In a letter to Secretary of State Chuck Gray (R-Wyo.), Gordon described the legislation as “discriminatory” and “overly draconian.” Gordon also claimed that the bill “pays little attention to fundamental principles of equality.”

“While I freely acknowledge the intent of this legislation is well-meaning as a way to protect the integrity and fairness of women’s sports in our state, by enacting an outright ban on transgender individuals participating in team sports I believe Wyoming sends a harmful message that these individuals and their families do not deserve the same opportunities as others,” Gordon said in his statement.

In response, Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, gave his own statement in support of the legislation and criticizing Gordon’s remarks.

“It’s not at all ‘draconian’ or ‘discriminatory’ to limit girls’ athletics to girls,” Schilling said. “In fact, it’s simple common sense that polling shows most Americans agree with. It’s unfortunate some of our leaders have been duped into believing such a policy is somehow controversial.”

The legislation will go into effect in the summer of 2023.

Other states that have passed similar measures include Tennessee, where Governor Bill Lee (R-Tenn.) has signed bills such as a ban on genital mutilation surgeries, hormone treatments, and puberty blockers for minors. Lee also signed into law a ban on drag performances in public and in the presence of children. The Kentucky State House of Representatives has also passed a bill banning so-called “gender transition” surgeries for minors, while the Iowa State Senate has passed a bill banning individuals from using restrooms designated for the opposite sex.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Soccer” by Pixabay.




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