Virginia County Tells Second-Graders They Should Feel Safe with No Police

by Eric Lendrum


It has been revealed that the Fairfax County Public School district (FCPS) is encouraging second-graders to be anti-police, with a “Summer Learning Guide” that includes the phrase “I feel safe when there are no police,” according to an exclusive report by Breitbart.

The stunningly radical content was revealed by a document leaked to the nonprofit group Parents Defending Education (PDE). Fairfax is the most populous school district in the state of Virginia, and has widely been viewed as the epicenter of the battle over “Critical Race Theory” – the notion that all White people are automatically racist, and that America is a fundamentally racist nation – and other far-left ideas with which children are being indoctrinated.

The summer curriculum requires students to watch a far-left YouTube channel called “Woke Kindergarten,” and one video in particular called “Safe by Ki.” The video says, in part: “I feel safe when there are no police. And it’s no one’s job to tell me how I feel. But it’s everyone’s job to make sure that people who are being treated unfairly…feel safe too.” The “lesson” ends with several loaded questions, including “Why do some people feel safe with police and others don’t,” as well as “What can you do to make sure other people feel safe?”

Another video from the same channel recommended by the summer learning is “Good Trouble by Ki,” where the narrator says “sometimes it’s good to get into trouble.” Asra Nomani, Vice President for Strategy and Investigations at PDE, denounced the video and other radical curriculum, saying that “by sharing this message…they are stoking anti-police distrust among children.”

“The [YouTube channel’s] creator preaches ‘sometimes it’s good to get into trouble’” and “teaches that she ‘feels safe when there are no police,’” Nomani continued. “Fairfax County Public Schools is sending children a confusing mixed message supporting disobedience and lawlessness. It’s dangerous and irresponsible.” Nomani concluded that “Fairfax County Public Schools administrators are being reckless in their activist agenda with children in one of the country’s largest school districts,” and that they “have lost the trust of parents.”

FCPS did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Breitbart.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.






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