University of North Carolina Revokes Tenure Offer for ‘1619’ Founder Nikole Hannah-Jones

Nikole Hannah-Jones
by Eric Lendrum


The University of North Carolina, after briefly considering the possibility of offering a full-time tenured position to Nikole Hannah-Jones, has ultimately reneged and turned down the offer due to mounting pressure, the New York Post reports.

Jones, the founder of the controversial “1619 Project” and an alumnus of the university, is now reportedly being considered for a mere five-year contract where she would instead serve as a “professor of practice.” The decision was ultimately made by UNC’s board of trustees, even though the left-wing faculty of the university overwhelmingly supported hiring her full-time.

Susan King, dean of UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media, called the decision “disappointing” and “chilling,” before baselessly claiming that Jones “represents the best of our alumni and the best of our business.”

Conversely, Jay Schalin of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal wrote an op-ed in which he criticized the idea of hiring Jones at all, saying that bringing her into the faculty would only bring more “propaganda” to the university. The move, Schalin argued about a month ago, would represent “a degradation of journalistic standards, from one in which ethics and truth are prized, to one in which a writer’s work is judged according to whether it serves a preferred political agenda.”

The 1619 Project, a series of articles that ran in the New York Times and has subsequently won awards from various left-wing outlets, falsely claims that America was built on racism, slavery, and oppression. In addition to facing widespread condemnation from conservatives for attempting to portray America in a negative light, the series has also come under fire from historians and scholars who point to numerous inaccuracies in its recounting of American history. Jones outright omitted and even changed certain details to fit her far-left narrative, including the false claim that the American Revolution was fought for the purpose of preserving slavery in the colonies.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
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