State Senator Kelly Townsend Drops Out of Congressional Race

State Senator Kelly Townsend (R-Mesa) dropped out of the Republican primary race for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District, citing the lack of an endorsement from former President Trump.

According to the state lawmaker, her criticism of State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-Flagstaff), who was censured by the Senate for her support of anti-Semitism, hurt her chances with Trump.

“Many weeks ago, at the urging of conservative activists and people close to President Trump, I entered the race for Congress to ensure a strong America First conservative candidate would represent our party in the November general election. I was personally encouraged by our President’s words, and the expression of support he gave me when he rallied the faithful in Florence, Arizona. However, in spite of repeated assurances, the promised formal endorsement has still not materialized,” Townsend said in a statement.

Because of the lack of a formal endorsement, Townsend argued that she would be splitting the primary field, rather than uniting the party. Instead, she will focus her priority on issues within Arizona.

“The lack of the endorsement means that instead of being able to unite the field behind a single banner, my presence in the Republican primary will serve only to split the conservative vote even further and make it more difficult to elect an authentic America First candidate,” continued Townsend.

“Accordingly, I have let President Trump’s team know that I am closing my Congressional campaign and will just focus on my legislative duties. There is so much work to be done that is critical to our future, so while I prayerfully consider my next move, I know that I have the job I want and I will happily focus on our State Capitol instead of our nation’s capital.”

The move withdraws a heavy contender for Republican Juan Ciscomani, who has gained momentum since launching his campaign. He has picked up endorsements from House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Republican Whip Steve Scalise.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for the Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Kelly Townsend” by Senator Kelly Townsend. Background Photo “United States Capitol” by David Maiolo. CC BY-SA 3.0.

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