Sinema Announces Support for Schumer-Manchin Budget Package

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Photo “Kyrsten Sinema” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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4 Thoughts to “Sinema Announces Support for Schumer-Manchin Budget Package”

  1. Jay Vaughn

    Everyone must remember that she is a Communist. That is what she said, not just me

  2. phxgeo

    For 2 years Sinema said she was independent and would represent the people of Arizona. Finally, the white lady’s cloak was removed, and she fully became what the Native Americans said, ” Man speaks with FORKED tongue”. In other words, she is NOTHING but a 2 Bit lying democrat. With this step she is proving that she is OWNED by big money people out of New York. If that is who pulls her strings MOVE to New York where your values fit in.

  3. Janice Prescott

    She just goes to prove that NO DEMONRATS have a back bone. I just want to thank her for putting all the people in Az in a bind money, wise, hurting us all really bad, giving the middle finger to the rest of our country. What a POS she turned out to be. Our the next time around.

    1. Richard R Cunningham

      I really agree with what you wrote except for two things. They are not Democrats. They are Socialists. A bitter word for them is COMMUNISTS. And as for them being spineless, they have spines and will fight. The Republican leadership has on the other hand showed a lack of spine for a very long time. God help us if they don’t get a little courage and start earning their fantastic six figure salaries.