Men’s Magazine Says Preference for Female Anatomy Is a ‘Fetish’

by Laurel Duggan


A sex writer at Men’s Health said that his preference for female bodies was a fetish in a Thursday column.

A male reader wrote that he was exclusively attracted to people with female genitalia and didn’t care about his partners’ gender identity, but wasn’t sure if that made his straight or pansexual. The columnist, Zachary Zane, who identifies as an “ethical boyslut,” told the reader he was technically bisexual and had a fetish for vulvas that his partners might find offensive.

“It sounds like you know you might be fetishizing people with a vulva, and you’re wondering how to do that without offending people,” Zane wrote. “But it’s offensive to reduce a person to that sole body part—in this case, their vulva—unless the person is explicitly open to being fetishized in that way.”

The columnist told the advice-seeker he should identify as bisexual on dating apps then clarify in his bio that he’s “only looking for people with a vulva.” He compared the reader’s sexual preferences to his own, explaining that he personally has “a fetish for huge asses,” and told him his quest for partners with female anatomy would be challenging.

“I hope you find someone who gets just as turned on by you reducing them to their vulva, but I’ll be real with you: the majority of people—cis and trans—aren’t down to be fetishized. Your search will be slow going, but at least you won’t have to feel bad about pretending anything,” the columnist wrote.

Zane and Men’s Health did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Laurel Duggan is a reporter at Daily Caller News Foundation.
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