Biden Doubles Down Against MAGA Republicans in Bellicose ‘Soul of the Nation’ Speech

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Photo “Joe Biden” by Joe Biden. 

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3 Thoughts to “Biden Doubles Down Against MAGA Republicans in Bellicose ‘Soul of the Nation’ Speech”

  1. Jay Are

    Wish there were a decent candidate promising to preserve the equal freedom for every American to earn and spend their own money, instead of a glut of candidates claiming “the soul of the nation” requires taxpayer exploitation and inflationary debt spending.

  2. Ralph Herzler

    I can honestly say that I have never seen such a display of a delusion of adequacy as that
    presented by our president. His performance was was not just over the top and inappropriate it was pathetic to see a sitting president behave in this manner. Lest we forget, his remarks were written by his handlers but, he owns them since he is the president.

  3. Steve Allen

    This shell of a person is the worst president in the history of out Nation. The donks are pulling out all the stops to try and mitigate the beating they are going to get in November, which will include cheating in the election itself. In the event they loose control over congress, those pulling the puppet strings will have until January to make their move.

    I believe they are now engaged in the ground work for a false flag event that will take place between November and January. Listen to the rhetoric coming out of Biden’s cake hole about how anti American the MAGA movement is. We will hear this same lie nonstop from the Left until the SHTF.

    I really hope common sense and the rule of law prevail, but at this point in the struggle for complete domination of America…..I’m not holding my breath.