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One Thought to “Maricopa County GOP Preparing to Censure Three Lawmakers for Opposing School Voucher Expansion to Poor Children”

  1. hewhitney

    Michelle Udall (R-Mesa)…who is this woman ?
    Udall is an old “Democrat” family name, in Arizona.
    They’re also an old Mormon Family, here.
    Might Michelle Udall have “mistakenly” registered as a republican ?
    She seems to have been elected as a republican, but acts politically like a democrat, no ?
    I think the term used for such politicians…is “RINO”, am I right ?
    Perhaps this lady should be “primary’d”, and replaced by a conservative !

    Until she is voted “out” of office, she should, in my opinion, be censured by the Maricopa County Republican Party. I certainly don’t want Udall to benefit from MONEY I might contribute to the Republican party, to re-elect republicans.
    I don’t believe she is really a conservative.