Katie Hobbs’ Education Plan Bashes School Vouchers

Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, running for Arizona’s highest office, released an education plan that bashes school vouchers and calls for tighter restrictions on charter schools.

“Katie continues to oppose the universal expansion of school vouchers. As governor, she will work to roll back universal vouchers, which the legislature enacted against the will of voters this year,” according to the plan. “Vouchers should not have been expanded to provide an unaccountable means of enriching private schools and defunding our local public schools.”

Republicans across the country have pushed for school choice, which allows children to attend private schools instead of their local public school district.

But Hobbs, who herself attended a private high school, plans to deny that opportunity to Arizona’s youth.

“Arizona taxpayers must have more visibility into the finances of charter school operators to ensure that taxpayer dollars are being used to educate students, not generate profits,” her plan says.

The secretary of state, running against Republican firebrand Kari Lake, accused charter schools of misusing their funds, claiming that they “line their pocketbooks by diverting public education funding into for-profit companies or personal investments.”

“Katie will require charter schools to participate in the auditor general’s annual classroom spending report,” the plan says.

Hobbs’ children currently attend charter schools.

Lake is gaining momentum on news that Hobbs has refused to debate her, as the pair polls at a statistical tie.

Emerson College last week released a poll showing that the hotly contested gubernatorial race is tied at 46 percent for each candidate, with 6 percent undecided and 2 percent saying they will vote for someone else.

That poll was conducted between September 6 and 7 among 627 “very likely general election voters.” According to Emerson, the data were weighted “by gender, age, education, race, party affiliation, and region.”

The margin of error for the poll is 3.85 percent.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Katie Hobbs” by Katie Hobbs. Background Photo “Classroom” by Wokandapix.


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2 Thoughts to “Katie Hobbs’ Education Plan Bashes School Vouchers”

  1. nrringee

    Hypocrisy of the Progressive New Left at work. What is good for me is not good for thee. Katie benefitted from educational choice but want to deny the same choice to all Arizona families. This is an example of leftist hypocrisy of the highest order. Katie is a slave to the teachers and public employees unions. Their money talks. She cannot debate Lake because ehe cannot defend her complete dependence upon public employee unions and out of state money to push her leftists causes. Progressive New Left ideology is collapsing before our very eyes under the weight of its own contradictions. This is one such example. Armed security for me but not for thee. School choice for me but not for thee. Choice in killing your children but not in how to educate the survivors of the abortion industry.

  2. Richard Cunningham

    When it comes to kids going to school, Kati Hobbs wouldn’t have to worry about ever even seeing mine, They would most definitely not be in a public school with the brainwashing and indoctrination we now have to contend with. My kids would be in a charter school, a private school or a parochial school. I would want them taught the same ways of freedom we of my generation learned and not the ways of the fascist. Those now running our country obviously don’t understand the U.S. is not Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.