Kari Lake Files Petition to Take Appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court

by Charlotte Hazard


Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has filed a petition to transfer her appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court after her election fraud lawsuit was dismissed.

Lake filed the petition January 1.

The state’s Maricopa County court last week dismissed eight of Lake’s 10 counts. Two of the counts, which involved Election Day ballot printing issues and procedural errors, were brought for a two-day trial that did not go in her favor.

“I am standing up for the people of this state,” Lake said on former White House adviser Steve Bannon’s “War Room” TV show on the Real America’s Voice streaming platform.

Lake has not allegedly widespread voter fraud cost her the election, but argues problems with the state’s election system contributed to her narrow loss.

Maricopa Judge Peter Thompson has also rejected a request by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, who has been declared the winner of the race, to sanction Lake for the lawsuit. However, he ordered her to reimburse Hobbs for some trial costs, with interest.

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Charlotte Hazard is a reporter at Just the News.
Photo “Kari Lake Takes the Stage” by Gage Skidmore CC2.0.



Reprinted with permission from Just the News.

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4 Thoughts to “Kari Lake Files Petition to Take Appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court”

  1. […] the anomaly-plagued Maricopa County gubernatorial election, Lake filed a notice of appeal. She also requested that the Arizona Supreme Court immediately take her case, bypassing the Arizona Court of Appeals […]

  2. ron

    Kari Lake won!!! period!!!

  3. SweetLadyMary

    Democrats and RINOs have made Arizona the laughing stock of the U.S. Our elections are not fair and these illegal democrats that have been sworn in are guilty of doing everything in their power to assume power by unfair voting practices. They are not my elected officials! They cheated to gain the offices.