Bill Gates Funneled Hundreds of Millions to Organizations Attacking Elon Musk

by Eric Lendrum


New research reveals that Microsoft founder Bill Gates, formerly the world’s wealthiest man, has been donating hundreds of millions of dollars to dark money groups that have been publicly attacking Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, the current wealthiest man in the world.

As reported by BreitbartGates’ foundation donated to 11 of the 26 organizations that signed onto an open letter last month demanding a boycott of Twitter by its advertisers over Musk’s recent purchase of the company. The report comes from the Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO), which traced the money from the signatories of the letter back to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The New Venture Fund, which in 2020 received the largest one-year commitment from the Gates Foundation in over five years, funded four of the signatories: The Center for Media Justice, The Media Democracy Fund, The National Hispanic Media Coalition, and Accountable Tech. Another organization that received money from Gates, the Tides Foundation, funded five of the signatories: Free Press, Indivisible, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Media Matters, and the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

The remaining two signatories out of the 11 in question, Empowering Pacific Islanders Community and Reproaction, were funded by the Gates-backed organizations Community Partners and NEO Philanthropy, respectively.

The feud stems from Musk’s promises to restore Twitter to a pro-free speech platform, having been openly and frequently critical of the Big Tech giant’s censorship of conservatives and other dissenting ideas that defy the Left’s narratives. He has vowed to fire over 1,000 employees once the deal closes later this year, and has also said that he would restore the account of President Donald J. Trump, who was banned in January of 2021 despite having nearly 90 million followers.

Gates, by contrast, has spoken out in favor of even more censorship, begging social media companies to crack down on “health misinformation.”

Musk then directly called on his Twitter followers to investigate the funding behind the 26 signatories, and particularly targeted Accountable Tech. A subsequent investigation by the Washington Free Beacon soon discovered, upon visiting the Washington D.C. location listed as Accountable Tech’s headquarters, that the organization doesn’t actually exist. The group is actually nothing more than a “registered trade [name] for the North Fund, a shape-shifting nonprofit group that uses aliases to push an array of left-wing causes from a shell office in Washington, D.C.”

The coordinated efforts from Gates reflect a broader trend of left-wing forces targeting Musk on a massive scale after his Twitter announcement. Musk has been critical of the Left in America today, claiming that the Left has gotten more radical to the point that he and many other liberals have been pushed further to the Right in response. After announcing that he plans on voting for the Republican Party in this year’s midterms for the first time ever, a sudden accusation of sexual harassment was made against him by a former SpaceX flight attendant, immediately raising doubts about the authenticity of the claims due to the convenient timing.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.
Photo “Bill Gates” by Bill Gates. Photo “Elon Musk” by Debbie Rowe. CC BY-SA 4.0. Background Photo “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” by Adbar. CC BY-SA 3.0.




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