Big Corporations Come Out Against Texas Election Integrity Bills

by Eric Lendrum


As the state of Texas considered several comprehensive bills aimed at cracking down on voter fraud, multiple large corporations have released statements condemning the measures with baseless allegations of voter suppression, according to The Hill.

On Tuesday, 52 different companies signed onto a letter demanding that the state legislature reject any such bills, without providing any evidence or naming any specific pieces of legislation. Among the signatories were the tech company Microsoft and American Airlines.

“We believe the right to vote is sacred,” the letter self-righteously declares. “When more people participate in our democratic process, we will all prosper. We stand together, as a nonpartisan coalition, calling on all elected leaders in Texas to support reforms that make democracy more accessible and oppose any changes that would restrict eligible voters’ access to the ballot.” The letter was submitted with a header that simply read “Fair Elections Texas.”

Another similar letter was signed by over 100 business executives from the city of Houston, openly claiming without proof that the bills under consideration would lead to “voter suppression.” This letter also indirectly threatened an economic boycott of Texas, claiming that “these provisions, among others, will inevitably damage our competitiveness in attracting businesses and workers to Houston.”

Among the legislation being considered are bills that would crack down on several shady election practices that are ripe for voter fraud, including banning “drive-thru voting,” forbidding the automatic mailing of vote-by-mail applications to all voters, reducing extended early voting hours, and requiring a doctor’s note for anyone requesting to vote by mail due to a medical disability.

Texas is one of several crucial states that is considering or has passed a bill to strengthen election integrity, alongside Georgia, Florida, and Iowa. Georgia in particular faced widespread criticism from Democrats and left-wing businesses over an anti-voter fraud law passed earlier this year, with unproven claims that such a law would suppress the votes of minorities.

Hundreds of bills are being introduced in state legislatures all across the country, in an effort to crack down on the kind of voter fraud that took place in the 2020 presidential election, where there is overwhelming evidence that such fraud was enough to sway the results of the key swing states away from President Donald Trump and in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

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Eric Lendrum reports for American Greatness.








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