Arizona U.S. Senate Hopeful Jim Lamon: I Will Shut Down Senate Until Border Fixed

Neil W. McCabe, the national editor of The Star News Network, covered the Sun City, Arizona, town hall hosted by Republican Senate hopeful Jim Lamon, with his special guest, Thomas Homan, who was President Donald J. Trump’s acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Lamon told his supporters he had just returned from Washington, where he told the Republican leadership, “I’m coming – and I can tell you, I’m going to do everything I can physically and legally and possibly do in the U.S. Senate to shut down business in the U.S. Senate until our southern border is secure.”


McCabe: The Star News Network went to Sun City, Arizona, to see the leading Republican Senate hopeful Jim Lamon host a town hall with President Donald J. Trump’s ICE director, Tom Homan.

Homan: That’s why I endorsed this man. He’s not a politician.

McCabe: The army veteran told his supporters he does not accept how things have been done in Washington. And he just came back from meeting with Republican leaders in the capital, where he told them he is serious about the border.

Lamon: I’m coming and I can tell you I’m going to do everything I can physically and legally and possibly do in the U.S. Senate to shut down business in U.S. Senate until our southern border is secure. Okay? (Cheers)

McCabe: Lamon, who sold his solar utility company as he entered the race, said he has no sympathy either for company executives or local government officials who hire illegal aliens.

Lamon: If they do it a third time, the hiring manager and the CEO and the company and the City Council members who vote for it and the mayor need to go do a little jail time. (Cheers) It may only be a night. I think that’d be a wake-up call.

McCabe: The primary race is now a three-way contest with Lamon leading State Attorney General Mark Brnovich and former President of Teal Capital, Blake Masters. But Lamon said he is ramping up for the general election campaign against former astronaut, Senator Mark Kelly.

Lamon: We just did our first poll in the general, Lamon versus Kelly. We’re up two points. (Cheers) That’s not enough.

McCabe: The former Alabama linebacker for coach Bear Bryant said if he wins by a big enough margin, he’ll have leverage with Arizona’s Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who is up in 2024.

Lamon: Guys, I want to beat Kelly by enough margin – not close – because I want Kyrsten Sinema to look and say, oh my gosh, Arizona is not purple. I need to get my act together or my tail is going be on the street in two years, okay? So let’s come in and help us.

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Sun City, Arizona.


















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