Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Karrin Taylor Robson Unveils Economic Relief Plan amid Surging Inflation

Arizona Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Karrin Taylor Robson recently unveiled her economic relief plan, which she would enact if elected as Arizona’s next governor.

“As we’re seeing today, Joe Biden’s inflation is a disaster for Arizona families. I’ve put together an economic plan which focuses on working families – and how we can best set them up for success,” tweeted Robson.

In her plan, Robson outlined the economic struggles that Arizonans face, including a New York Post report that states American families are paying upwards of an extra $490 a month on basic goods compared to last year due to inflation.

“Motorists are paying $100 or more to fill their tank, and the cost of everything from groceries to feed our families to the energy to heat or cool our homes has exploded,” Robson said.

In the long term, Robson acknowledges that a strong economy needs limited government, lean regulation, a competitive tax structure, and quality education and workforce development. However, she said, “it’s clear many Arizonans cannot afford to wait for an economic turnaround. They urgently need help now.”

Robson revealed three actions she plans to take if elected governor to rush “immediate aid” to working Arizonians and their families.

The first plan is a working parent’s rebate, which would supply families with a time-limited rebate of $100 a month. The rebate would last for 12 months, giving a total of $1,200 to qualifying families with at least one child at home under 18. Robson estimates that roughly 450,000 families would qualify for this rebate, which would cost the state approximately $540 million over the course of the program.

She acknowledged that this rebate would not entirely ease the effects of inflation, but it would still “provide critical assistance” to families who need to put food on the table.

Moreover, Robson’s plan includes implementing an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Robson states that the EITC is not a handout but a reward for hard work. Robson’s EITC plan would benefit working Arizona taxpayers who earn $50,000 or less per year and give participants roughly $128 in yearly tax relief. An estimated 570,000 taxpayers in Arizona would qualify for the tax relief, costing the state roughly $75 million each year.

Robson’s third plan involves cutting income tax and making the entire tax structure more “taxpayer-friendly” for Arizona. She said this plan includes “cutting fees that [the] state government has increasingly relied upon in recent years.”

“As Governor, I will work with legislators to reduce the financial burden on Arizona taxpayers and families, and to ensure no state out-competes us for the kinds of quality jobs and investments that will give us the nation’s strongest economy,” Robson said, concluding her plan.

Robson’s announcement came as news broke Wednesday that inflation accelerated in June.

As reported by Fox Business, inflation surged to 9.1 percent in June, which is the fastest pace of inflation since December 1981.

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Neil Jones is a reporter for The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Neil on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Karrin Taylor Robson ” by Karrin Taylor Robson. 



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