Abortion Survivor: My Graveyard ‘Is Now My Battleground’

Christina Bennett, the communications director for the Family Institute of Connecticut spoke at the March 23, 2022, March for Life, held in Hartford. Bennett shared her story about how in 1981, her mother scheduled an abortion at Hartford’s Mount Sinai hospital. As she waited to be called in for the procedure, Bennett’s mother was approached by an elderly janitor, and the two African-Americans had a short conversation.


Neil W. McCabe: Connecticut pro-life leader, Christina Bennett, was part of the March for Life held March 23rd, 2022 in Hartford. Bennett shared her unique and life affirming story, surviving an abortion.

Christina Bennett: Hartford, Connecticut is the city where I was scheduled to be aborted. In 1981 at Mount Sinai hospital, I had an appointment to die.

Neil W. McCabe: Bennett said one man had the love to speak up.

Christina Bennett: And African-American, elderly janitor in Mount Sinai hospital who saw my mom in the hallway in a white robe and went up to her, lifted up her chin and said, ‘Do you want to have this baby?’ My mother said yes. The janitor said that God will give you the strength.

He told her to leave. My mother got her stuff and she was attempting to leave, but the abortionist called her into his office.

When she got in and she saw that he hadn’t cleaned up the blood from the last abortion. It was on the floor.

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘No, I changed my mind. I want to keep my baby.’

And he said, ‘You already paid for this.’

Again, she said no.

And he said, ‘You’re just nervous. You can get through this.’

And again, she said, ‘I want to keep my baby.’

And he said, don’t leave this room.

But she ran out, and my life was saved.

Neil W. McCabe: Now Bennett is bringing her own love and her own story to the fight to end abortion in Connecticut and America.

Christina Bennett: The enemy meant for this city to be the place that I died, but God has called it to be the place that I fight for life.

The place that could have been my graveyard is now my battleground.

Neil W. McCabe:  Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil w McCabe, Hartford.



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