Commentary: The Coverage of Cryptocurrencies on Television News

 by Kalev Leetaru


How have cryptocurrencies been covered on television news? The timeline below shows total mentions of “cryptocurrency” and Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin over the past decade, showing an initial glimmer of mentions from 2013-2015, but that coverage of cryptocurrencies did not really take off until December 2017 when Bitcoin reached a valuation of $20,000 per coin. Mentions again took off in January of this year and have increased steadily month over month as it has attracted ever greater prominence.


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Looking from 2014 to present and adding in business channels, the timeline below shows that business news channels began ramping up their coverage of cryptocurrencies in mid-2017, peaking in December 2017 and continued covering them until the start of the pandemic. They began ramping up their coverage again in October 2020 and have continued to rapidly increase their coverage of cryptocurrencies month over month ever since.

GDELT Project

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