Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs Slammed for Poor Job as Secretary of State, Tuesday’s Primary Vote Count in Arizona Described as ‘Glacial’

As vote-counting continues in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial election, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the Democrat nominee, is being slammed for the slow vote count.

“Arizona’s glacial vote-counting isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for how Katie Hobbs would perform as governor,” said John Gabriel, editor-in-chief of Ricochet. 

“We have absolutely no confidence in [Katie Hobbs] overseeing ANY election. It’s unthinkable for her to help supervise one that she is involved in,” Lake’s War Room posted on Wednesday afternoon.

“The Arizona Secretary of State is running for Governor as a Democrat – in related news, we aren’t getting results in a timely manner,” said former National Intelligence appointee Richard Grenell, who worked for President Donald J. Trump’s administration.

“What are they doing? Why aren’t we getting updated results?! This is unacceptable, Arizona,” Grenell said in a followup tweet, calling Hobbs “suspect.”

“Democrat [Katie Hobbs] just defended Pinal County’s handling of the election today. Absolutely unacceptable. While Katie Hobbs is at a party, Pinal County still has reported ZERO election results,” Arizona’s Republican National Committee (RNC) Director Ben Peterson tweeted.

Hobbs finds herself in a situation with a potential conflict of interest. Her office is officially responsible for counting the votes while she herself is running for governor. She did not recuse herself from the vote-counting duties.

There are still 125,000 votes left to be counted in the primary race between Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson, and final results are expected to be announced between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday night.

Currently, RealClearPolitics says Lake leads by a margin of 1.8 percent, 46.2 percent to Robson’s 44.4 percent.

For its part, Lake’s campaign has claimed victory.

“We knew early in the night, despite a 9.8 percent deficit, that Kari Lake would be the Republican nominee,” Lake’s chief strategist Billy Grant told The Arizona Sun Times Wednesday. “It’s time to unite Arizona and bring the Republican Party together to defeat Katie Hobbs in November.”

Several other primary candidates have garnered single digits in the election, including Matt Salmon, who officially dropped out of the race and endorsed Robson but remained on the ballot.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Katie Hobbs” by Katie Hobbs. 




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3 Thoughts to “Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs Slammed for Poor Job as Secretary of State, Tuesday’s Primary Vote Count in Arizona Described as ‘Glacial’”

  1. […] The glacial counting is directly the responsibility of Kari Lake’s opponent in the main electi…. […]

  2. WhatConstitution

    Hobbs knows she can’t beat Lake so she’s dragging out the count in hopes of finding a way to keep Kari Lake out of the general election.

  3. fisht

    The ONLY way the Commie/Fascist left can remain in power in America is by ELECTION FRAUD. They know it, you know it and everyone else knows it. The CCP is likely helping them again.