New Poll Finds Kari Lake Remains Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Frontrunner, Opponents Increase Support


A new poll shows Arizona GOP gubernatorial contender Kari Lake remains the Republican frontrunner, but her opponents are gaining ground.

According to the analysis from OH Predictive Insights (OHPI), Lake’s poll numbers have not shown “meaningful” growth during the last three surveys.

For example, Lake received 28 percent of the vote in a poll conducted last November, compared to the 21 percent she attracted just a few weeks ago.

On the other hand, other notable candidates have increased their support among voters, as the overwhelming number of Arizonans are still undecided.

For example, former Congressman Matt Salmon is close to Lake, boasting 17 percent in the latest poll. He demonstrated the most growth, only gathering 11 percent in the same November poll. Additionally, Steve Gaynor jumped from 2 percent to 5 percent, and Karrin Taylor Robson went from 1 percent to 5 percent.

Notably, the poll included Kimberly Yee, attracting 5 percent. However, since the survey of voters was conducted, she has dropped out of the gubernatorial race.

“We’re finally starting to see some movement in Arizona’s GOP Governor Primary; Lake’s support is lolling while Salmon is swimming upstream,” said Mike Noble, OHPI chief of research. “However, remember to keep an eye on cash-flush Karrin Taylor Robson – ramping up her finances and TV/radio appearances optimizes opportunities for Taylor Robson to distinguish herself ahead of August’s election.”

The polling company explained that, due to the high number of undecided individuals, the race is far from over and campaign funding could play a key role.

Each candidate recently disclosed their fundraising totals. Taylor Robson and Gaynor both poured in millions of their own money to fight the crowded primary battle. Lake took in approximately $1.4 million.

On the Democratic side, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is the clear frontrunner, despite her apology for her role in a race-based firing.

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